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Trump's America: Cambria County (Johnstown) Pennsylvania

Small Businesses Cheer ‘New Sheriff in Town’ After Climate Pact Exit.  (The New York Times, 6/2/2017)
“We’ve had customers who actually brought business back from Mexico that we haven’t done in seven years,” said Bill Polacek, president of JWF Industries, a manufacturer in Johnstown, Pa.

Source:  Wikipedia

Source:  CNN

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Uprising in the Rust Belt.  They used to be Democrats.  Now they really could hand Donald Trump the White House.  (Politico Magazine, 6/24/2017)
In the past, people here have turned to the Democrats,” said Chris Borick, director of the Muhlenberg College Institute of Public Opinion in Allentown, Pa., 200 miles to the east. “They were the ones who looked after working-class interests, in their minds. But there is a belief that that isn’t the case anymore—and now they’re shopping around for an alternative.”

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Get me rewrite: Buncha white people in Boone County, Iowa, talk about Trump.  (1/15/2017)
UPDATE. Luzerne County, Pennsylvania is a Trump election success story.  (1/14/2017)
Monticello, Iowa. New York Times joins the search for Trump's America, a very white place.  (1/13/2017)
UPDATE. Boston Globe reporter continues to explore Trump's America, where mostly white people live.  (1/13/2017)

Quotefest from the "Can't-see-the-forest-for-the-trees" department

Small Businesses Cheer ‘New Sheriff in Town’ After Climate Pact Exit.  (The New York Times, 6/2/2017)
It's called myopia.  “This just heightens the divide between big business and small business,” said Jeffrey Korzenik, an investment strategist for Fifth Third Bank in Cincinnati who spends much of his time talking to small businesses in the Midwest. “They really have different worldviews.” 

Take Back the House: Florida's 25th Congressional District

Apparently, the DCCC knows something the rest of us don't.

In 2012, two independent candidates, one of whom is listed as (no longer available, if it ever was), challenged the Republican incumbent Mario Diaz-Balart, who then ran unopposed in 2014 and won by a substantial margin in 2016.

Source:  Ballotpedia

House Democrats Eye Districts Where Trump Won by Narrow Margin.   (Morning Consult, 6/1/2017)
Rep. Mario Díaz-Balart won re-election in November by 25 points, while Trump’s margin was 1.7 points. Romney won the district by 9.6 points in 2012, half of McCain’s margin four years earlier.

Source:  govtrack

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Take Back the House 2018: Nebraska's 2nd Congressional District

Big-margin GOP victories in this district (2000, 2002. 2004, 2010) appear to be over.  Democrat Brad Ashford beat Republican incumbent Lee Terry in 2014 but lost his 2016 re-election bid to Don Bacon by 3,464 votes.  He was considered of the most vulnerable Democrats. 

Source:  Ballotpedia

House Democrats Eye Districts Where Trump Won by Narrow Margin.   (Morning Consult, 6/1/2017)
In this Omaha-centric district, Rep. Don Bacon secured 49 percent of the vote, while Trump won with 48 percent. Trump’s margin of victory over Clinton was 2 percentage points — double Bacon’s margin of victory over Democratic Rep. Brad Ashford.

Source:  govtrack

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Edward Grosch (1942-2017) Warren High School class of 1960

Source:   Warren Times Observer

1960 Dragon yearbook

1967 Warren City Directory
  • [county section] Grosch Mary J 7 Nathan N Warren
  • [county section] Grosch Paul C 7 Nathan N Warren
1983 Warren City Directory
  • Grosch E F h22 Shipman's Eddy
  • [county section] Grosch Jim h120 Shipman's Eddy

The popularity of 'Edward' as a baby name is graphed here.  We have yet to check 'Roxanne' (sister-in-law).

A modern girl, by the standards of baby names, 'Roxanne' made her first appearance on the chart in 1936 and peaked 18 years later at #158.  From this point, she enjoyed moderate success through the 1980s but then experienced a steep slide during the 1990s.  So far this century, she had made one failed comeback attempt.

'Roxanne' by the Police was released in 1978 and remained in heavy rotation throughout the 1980s.   'Roxanne', the movie starring Steve Martin and Darryl Hannah was released in 1987.   Together, they might have helped 'Roxanne' reach one final peak before a quick exit.

Other members of the class of 1960
Rita Fitzgerald Lindgren.  (5/25/2017)
Judy Charles Lobdell.  (5/2/2017)
James Johnson.  (3/6/2017)
William Ritchie.  (2/21/2017)
Janice Carlson.  (5/9/2016)
William Irwin.  (3/18/2016)
Patricia O'Neill.  (12/27/2015)
David Hollingshead.  (11/18/2015)
Marlene LeTrent Peterson.  (7/15/2015)
John Marymount.  (3/24/2015)
Kraig Werlin.  (2/1/2015)
Mary Kays Frederick.  (12/9/2014)
Nancy Goodwill Bonavita.  (3/9/2014)
Mary Madeleine Graham Helmbrecht Haslett.  (1/6/2014)

Friday, June 2, 2017

UPDATE: And I'm shocked...shocked that Scott Walker's DNR donors, er, appointees broke the law

Reported in Judge finds DNR board broke law in Blue Mounds snowmobile case.  (Wisconsin State Journal, 6/2/2017)

Original 6/15/2016 post, "CYA time:  Wisconsin DNR board members shocked! shocked! about state's lack of enforcement" starts here.

Some folks just haven't been paying attention.


Natural Resources Board wants answers on 'surprising' DNR audit.  (Wisconsin State Journal, 6/15/2016)
Members of the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources’ policy-making board were surprised and disappointed by an audit that cited serious shortcomings in state enforcement of water pollution laws, chairman Terry Hilgenberg said Tuesday in his first public comments on the study.

December 30, 2010

April 28, 2011

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The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources takes an environmental violations holiday.  (5/19/2016)

Sorry, Denny's, I am thoroughly underwhelmed

New 'Denny's On Demand' Service Gets TV, Full-Blown Push.  (MediaPost, 5/31/2017)
For Denny’s fans, delivery availability currently depends on whether the local franchisee is on board yet, as well as Olo’s network. “Denny’s is not currently disclosing how many [of its] locations have the delivery capabilities turned on, as this is an ongoing process and franchisees are adding units to the platform for delivery on a daily basis,” a spokesperson tells Marketing Daily.

Trump Budget Director Mick Mulvaney wants fake news and will kill CBO to get it

Kill the messenger!  The man wants to hear what he wants to hear.

Quoted in Mick Mulvaney: The day of the CBO 'has probably come and gone'.  (Washington Examiner, 5/31/2017)

Mick has some reading to do.  

Introduction to CBO

As if it will make any difference to this former Freedom Caucus crazy.

Original 5/27 post, "Get me rewrite:  The Mick Mulvaney budget shows respect for the very rich, sez 'go fuck yourself' to everyone else", starts here.

Donald Trump’s budget ignores what is ailing American workers.  (The Economist, 5/24/2017)
Mick Mulvaney, a former congressman from South Carolina who won his seat in the Tea-Party wave of 2010, runs Donald Trump’s Office of Management and Budget. Mr Mulvaney has created the budget his wing of the Republican party always wanted: government as a service, paid for by its clients, the taxpayers. If you receive more than you pay, the system has failed, and must be fixed. The marketing copy that accompanied the budget calls this “respect for people who pay the bills”.

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Take Back the House 2018: Minnesota's 2nd Congressional District

John Kline represented Minnesota 2nd CD from 2002 until 2017.   During this stretch, he won his elections by a average of 15.7 percentage points.   In 2016, Republican Jason Lewis defeated Democrat Angie Craig by 1.8 percentage points.

Source:  Ballotpedia

House Democrats Eye Districts Where Trump Won by Narrow Margin.   (Morning Consult, 6/1/2017)
Rep. Jason Lewis won last year with 47 percent of the vote. The former radio talk show host’s 2 point victory over Democratic nominee Angie Craig was slightly higher than Trump’s 1.2 percentage point advantage over Clinton.

Source:  govtrack

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Take Back the House 2018: New Jersey's 11th Congressional District

Republican Rodney Frelinghuysen was first elected to Congress in 1994.  In 12 elections he has received an average of 65% of the vote.  His 58% in the 2016 election is his lowest.

Source:  Ballotpedia

House Democrats Eye Districts Where Trump Won by Narrow Margin.   (Morning Consult, 6/1/2017)
In November, the House Appropriations Committee chairman outpaced Trump by 10 points, beating his Democratic rival with 58 percent of the vote, while Trump beat Clinton by less than 1 percentage point.

Source:  govtrack

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Pennsylvania 8th.  (6/2/2017)

Take Back the House 2018: Pennsylvania's 8th Congressional District

Republican Mike Fitzgerald defeated the incumbent Democrat Patrick Murphy in 2010.  Fitzgerald has won the subsequent 2 elections. Steve Santarserio, the 2016 Democratic candidate, cut the 2014 margin of victory by 15 percentage points running against Brian Fitzgerald, Mike's brother.

Source:  Ballotpedia

House Democrats Eye Districts Where Trump Won by Narrow Margin.   (Morning Consult, 6/1/2017)
Trump won 48.2 percent to Clinton’s 48 percent. Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick, who replaced his brother, former Rep. Michael Fitzpatrick, won the seat by about 9 points. Democrats last held the seat during a period of Republican unpopularity in the 2006 and 2008 cycles, with Barack Obama winning by 7.5 points in 2008.

Source:  govtrack

Mike Pence and the company he keeps: The Pastor John Hagee edition

Source:  Controversial Quotes from Pastor John Hagee (mySA, 11/24/2014) 

Mike Pence to Speak at Conference Hosted by Radical Pastor John Hagee.  (The New Civil Rights Movement, May 31, 2017)
Hagee, the pastor of a Texas megachurch and an outspoken figure on the Religious Right, was a vocal supporter of the Trump-Pence ticket. Pence has acted as the chief emissary of the Trump White House to the president’s Religious Right supporters, addressing events hosted by a number of Religious Right groups, including March for Life and the Susan B. Anthony List.

LGBT Pride Month: Barack Obama and Donald Trump in black and white

Trump ignores LGBT Pride Month.  (The New Civil Rights Movement, 6/1/2017)
Trump Promised He Would Be the Most Pro-LGBT President Ever  
President Donald Trump appears to have decided to ignore LGBT Pride Month. While the President on Wednesday signed proclamations honoring June as Great Outdoors Month, National Homeownership Month, African-American Music Appreciation Month, and National Ocean Month, he has not issued a proclamation honoring LGBT Pride Month.

Thursday, June 1, 2017

UPDATE. Oh yeah, I just bet he does.

KFIZ:  All Grothman, all the time.

5/31/2017 update, " Glenn Grothman whispers sweet nothings into the ears of KFIZ", starts here,

I can't believe I ate the whole thing.

Bobby Goldsboro's first of just 2 top 10 hits, "See the Funny Little Clown" debuted at #83 on the Billboard Hot 100 for the week ending January 11, 1964.  It spent 13 weeks on the chart and peaked at #9

Original 4/17/2017 post, "At KFIZ, everybody loves a clown", starts here.

[Emphasis added.....and the photo is a mash-up]

The group's 4th of 7 consecutive top 10 singles, "Everybody Loves a Clown" debuted at #85 on the Billboard Hot 100 for the week ending September 25, 1965.  It spent 11 weeks on the chart, 4 of them in the top 10, and peaked at #4.

The Leon Russell influence.

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On the other hand, some might say we do need Congressmen, but we can not have the wrong Congressmen.  (1/2/2017)
The conservative values of Glenn Grothman, straight shooter and exemplary public servant.  (10/30/2017)
GOP donor and Neenah realtor pens letter to editor, praises Glenn Grothman.  (10/28/2017)
Well, Glenn Grothman, looks as though Donald Trump and Paul Ryan won't accompany Mr. Gumpy on his outing.  (10/20/2016)
Meet the 3 Stooges who introduced Donald Trump at yesterday's rally in Green Bay.  (10/18/2016)
Likely to be other reasons why Trump and Glenn Grothman's relationship might be "less than perfect".  (10/13/2016)
Glenn Grothman raises GOP specter of black bogeyman Al Sharpton.  (7/14/2016)
Recommended reading from Glenn Grothman.  (3/3/2016)
Once again, Grothman does the blah blah blah.  (1/13/2016)
Tea Party alert: Glenn Grothman supports increase in federal gas tax.  (12/29/2015)
Glenn Grothman's moving service.  (11/16/2015)
Glenn Grothman: Still trying to get to 'yes' with Paul Ryan.  (10/18/2015) 
Dear Glenn Grothman, Breaking up is hard to do.  (10/17/2015) 
He's a guy, and has access to 'all machines that one would need'.  (9/29/2015) 
Meet the Members of the Republican Study Committee: Glenn Grothman (R-WI, 6th District).  (8/18/2015)
What about seeing the light, Representative Grothman?  (8/11/2015)
Glenn Grothman's gibberish in full flower.  (7/1/2015)
Rep. Glenn Grothman puts corporate personhood first.  (6/23/2015)
Glenn Grothman Finds His Voice in Washington, D.C. (6/19/2015)
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Wisconsin's 6th Congressional District primary: Less than 12% of voters paid attention.  (8/24/2014)
Hey guys and gals, Scott Walker is not 100% convinced that Glenn Grothman can win the 6th CD. (8/23/2014)
Career politician Glenn Grothman moves one step closer to Wisconsin's 6th Congressional District general election.  (8/22/2014)
To the tune of $692,000.   (8/14/2014)
Glenn Grothman:  A man without a mandate.  (8/14/2014)
Glenn Grothman to Tom Petri: Thank you for your 35 years of service.  (8/1/2014)
Duey Stroebel can't be bothered with fundraising, looks to buy seat instead.  (8/1/2014)
Clearly, "common-sense bills" and "Grothman" should never be used in the same sentence.(7/9/2014)
Two career politicians pledge limited service in the U.S. House of Representatives.  (7/8/2014)
Glenn Grothman, Affirmative Action, and the demographics of Wisconsin's 6th Congressional District.  (4/28/2014)

Californians think Trump is a stinker

Donald Trump falls to 27 percent approval rating in new California poll.  (San Jose Mercury News, 6/1/2017)
That’s down from 30 percent and 31 percent in post-inauguration January and March surveys conducted by the same organization, the Public Policy Institute of California. 
In follow-up interviews with the Bay Area News Group, poll respondents didn’t hold back on their views about Trump.

Michelene Figliuzzi Colgrove (1936-2017) Warren High School class of 1954

 1954 Dragon yearbook

1967 Warren City Directory
  • Colgrove Wm H (Michelene F) tech Sylvania h318 Beech 
  • Figliuzzi Alfonso (Lena M) asmblr Phenix Furn h425 Hickory
  • Figliuzzi Ruth  r425 Hickory
1983 Warren City Directory
  • Colgrove Michelene sec St. Joseph's R C Church r 221 Main Av
  • Colgrove Wm H & Michelene; chem GTE h221 Main Av
  • Figliuzzi Alfonso & Lena M retd h425 Hickory
  • Figliuzzi Ruth clk US Forest Service r425 Hickory

'Michelene' never made it onto the list of top 1000 baby names.  What about 'Lena'?

'Lena' peaked early, at #51 in 190, and then went into decline for the remainder of the 20th century.  I suppose we have Lena Headey and Lena Dunham to thank for her 21st century resurgence.  And/or Lena Horne nostalgia?

Other members of the class of 1954:
James Hornstrom.  (3/9/2017)
Richard Latimer.  (1/31/2017)
Guard Pierce.  (1/24/2017)
Thomas Gray.  (10/16/2016)
Franklin Ristau.  (4/21/2016)
Richard Helmbrecht.  (3/27/2016)
Luella Wert Wile.  (3/15/2016)
Edward Erickson.  (3/4/2016)
Keith Otterbein.  (7/20/2015)
Marlene Ceriola English.  (6/28/2015)
Robert Johnson.  (8/10/2014)
Phillip Stewart.  (2/20/2014)

Greetings from the Hotel Teris, Los Angeles

Built in 1925.

From Retiring Guy's postcard collection

The building is now home to the Weingart Guest House of Good Samaritan Hospital.

Source:  Google Eaerth

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Broadway in Los Angeles.  (5/31/2017)
Los Angeles Civic Center.  (5/30/2017)
Southern California palm-lined street.  (5/29/2017)
Downtown Los Angeles.   (5/24/2017)
Giant Springs, Great Falls, Montana.  (5/23/2017)
Hollywood Boulevard.  (5/22/2017)
Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles.  (5/21/2017)
Brown Derby, Hollywood.  (5/20/2017)
Southern California.  (5/20/2017)
Mojave Desert (Joshua trees).  (5/20/2017)
Rose Hill Motel in Mena, Arkansas.  (5/20/2017)
Will Rogers Ranch.  (5/20/2017)
Grauman's Chinese Theater.  (5/18/2017)
Hollywood Boulevard.  (5/18/2017)
Barstow, California.  (5/17/2017)
California.  (5/14/2017)
Parklabrea Towers, L.A.  (5/14/2017)
La Jolla Children's Pool.  (5/13/2017)
Los Angeles.  (5/11/2017)
Laguna Beach, California.  (5/10/2017)
California.  (5/9/2017)
Los Angeles.  (5/9/2017)
California.  (5/8/2017)
Pomona College, Claremont, California.  (5/7/2017)
La Jolla, California.  (5/6/2017)
Hope, Arkansas.  (5/4/2017)
Bakersfield, California.  (5/3/2017)
Little Rock, Arkansas.  (5/1/2017)
California.  (4/28/2017)
Little Rock, Arkansas.  (4/19/2017)
Superstition Mountain, Arizona.  (4/15/2017)
Tucson, Arizona.  (4/12/2017)
Phoenix, Arizona.  (4/8/2017)
Monument Valley, Arizona/Utah.  (4/8/2017)
Dothan, Alabama.  (4/5/2017)
Mobile, Alabama.  (4/5/2017)
Anniston, Alabama.  (3/29/2017)

The tender sensibilities of Ronna McDaniel, RNC Chairwoman

Screenshot from by RNC email donor appeal

That 'liberal talking head at NBC'?  

I wouldn't exactly call Joe Scarborough to be an exemplar of "Washington liberal values".

Using Twitier, not the 'Morning Joe' studio, he simply wanted to draw attention to an article describing the absurdly over-the-top puffery coming out of the mouths of Trump's staff.

Quoted in Why Conservatives Won’t Dance to the ‘Dear Leader Donald Trump’ Tune.  (The Daily Beast, 5/31/2017)
Conservatives who are viscerally turned off by the Trump cult of personality prize things like the rule of law and balance of powers. Part of what this means is that the idea of a ruling class repels us. We believe the maxim that absolute power corrupts absolutely, and we instead celebrate the system and institutions that check the accumulation of power. We see dissent as patriotic. We see the messianic impulse of some Americans as a very dangerous tendency. We believe that it’s not healthy to put politicians on a pedestal. We believe you should respect your leaders and pray for them—but not to them. 
I’ll confess that sometimes skepticism gets mixed up with cynicism. There is also sometimes a smugness associated with being a rebellious contrarian. Most of us small-r republicans find sycophants and brown-nosers repulsive.

No empathy here: That gasket-blowin' Bob Gannon offers no time to heal

Reported in Committee OKs bills sending more kids to troubled prison,  (WSAW-TV, 5/30/2017)

Similar narratives were unfolding across Milwaukee’s blue-collar neighborhoods. As jobs disappeared, so did many of the dreams that came with them. And just as during the Great Depression, people and their families began to break. 
A half century later, a Journal Sentinel analysis of previously unmined data reveals that many have never healed. 
Instead, poverty, joblessness and the social ills that accompany them deepened progressively within Milwaukee’s urban center, rippled across its 200-plus census tracts, and moved into its suburbs like a slow-motion shock wave. Few other American cities fell as far, as fast and as forcefully.

Pittman-McGee has seen firsthand what an emerging network of public health and neuroscience researchers, community-minded foundations and law enforcement officials now believe: The primary challenge facing Milwaukee and similar high-poverty cities is not one of the usual suspects — education, crime, even the availability of jobs — although all those play a role.  
Instead, it is an epidemic of trauma passed from one generation to another, one neighborhood to the next. 
The perpetuation of trauma has been documented in the families of those who survived the Holocaust, Hiroshima, the Vietnam War and Cambodian genocide. That data has now turned up the same phenomena in families entrenched in poverty, violence and neglect.

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Bob Gannon blows a gasket.  (7/6/2015)

UPDATE. The healthiest county in each Midwestern state: Ozaukee County, Wisconsin

'Midwest' as defined by this map.  (The final post in this updated series.)

Healthiest County in Every State.  (24/7 Wall Street, 5/9/2017)

Part of the Milwaukee metro area, Ozaukee County has seen its population increase 276% since 1950, compared to a 75% increase in Menominee County, Wisconsin's unhealthiest, since its 1970 incorporation. Ozaukee County's population is 8% nonwhite compared to 87% (80.1% Native American) in Menominee County.

Other numbers
% of population living in poverty
  • Ozaukee County | 5.2%
  • Menominee County | 35.2.%
  • Wisconsin | 10.1%
  • U.S.  13.5%
    % of population 25 and older with bachelor's degree
    • Ozaukee County | 46.1%
    • Menominee County | 16.1%
    • Wisconsin | 27.8%
    • U.S. | 29.8%
    Median household income:
    • Ozaukee County | $76,433
    • Menominee County | $35,343
    • Wisconsin | $53,357
    • U.S. | $53,899

    Source:  Wikipedia

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    The least healthy counties in every state.  (24/7 Wall Street, 3/15/2017)

    Menominee County, Wisconsin

    Source:  Wikipedia

    Other numbers
    % of population living in poverty
    • Menominee County | 35.2.%
    • Wisconsin | 10.1%
    • U.S.  13.5%
      % of population 25 and older with bachelor's degree
      • Menominee County | 16.1%
      • Wisconsin | 27.8%
      • U.S. | 29.8%
      Median household income:
      • Menominee County | $35,343
      • Wisconsin | $53,357
      • U.S. | $53,899

      College of Menominee Nation Library

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