Friday, November 24, 2017

UPDATE: Newly reconstructed McKee Road from County Trunk Highway M to just west of Maple Grove Drive

11/7/2017 update, "Early stage of CTH M reconstruction to urban standards", starts here.

Original 3/7/2017 post, "Dane County Highway M reconstruction:  From Prairie Hill to Cross Country", starts here.

A joint project with the cities of Madison and Verona.

[1]  McKee Road intersects with County Trunk Highway M in the middle distance.

Photos by Retiring Guy

[2]  The intersection of McKee Road and County Trunk Highway M as seen from the western terminus of Raymond Road.

This 42,500,000 project will reconstruct CTM to urban standards.

Scott Walker and the third-rate company he keeps: Donald Trump Jr. gets top billing at Student Action Summit 2017

Donald Trump Jr.!!

Jeanine Pirro!!

Joe Walsh!!

Kayleigh McEnany!!

Sebastian Gorka!!

Lisa Boothe!!!!

Thanksgiving Day Proclamations: 2001. 2009, 2017

A Mar-a-Lago Thanksgiving:  It's all gravy.  (The New York Times, 11/23/2017)
For his first Thanksgiving in office, President Trump returned to the comforts of his civilian lifestyle: the luxury of his Palm Beach properties, complete with early-morning Twitter commentary and a list of all the ways he — and, as a result, the country — is winning.